A4-V2 Rocket Umbilical cable system – and ‘cat flap’?

umbilical cable system
Still frame showing the moment that the ground connection plugs are ripped from the umbilical cable after the magnetic plug ejection system failed to operate as a V2 rocket blasts off from PS-VII.

This video is one of a series that looks in some detail at less prominent equipment, in this case the umbilical cable system, aboard the  V2 missile that are often hard to see on complete museum exhibits and are also not well covered by easily accessible literature.

Ground connection Stotz plugs 1 & 2
Equipment bay test rig showing ‘Stotz’ ground connection plugs 1 & 2.

In this video, recorded in 2012, we look at one of the less obvious systems aboard the V2 missile,  the ‘Stotz’ magnetic plug and umbilical cable system used to connect the missile directly to the ground-based launch control and pre-flight test equipment. The presentation features a rare relic of one of the two onboard connection sockets recovered from the Mittelwerk tunnels at Nordhausen in central Germany, where all of the combat V2s were manufactured. We also look at some archive footage to see the umbilical sockets in action and catch a glimpse of what Robert refers to in his introduction as the ‘cat flap’ in operation.

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