Building the V2 rocket engine

Still from the video dealing with the consequences of the injector's 18 seperate LOX pipes

From the ground up

We use an accurate and ultra-detailed V2 rocket engine model to demonstrate the building the V2’s 25 ton thrust engine from the ground up. And we examine the relationship between key parts and some of the manufacturing and functional problems of the ancestor of all large rocket engines – the German EW A4 LPRE. This video was initially conceived as an explanatory sequence within the Turbopump part 2 presentation. However, it started to take on a life of its own, and it made more sense to let it grow naturally and release it as an introductory video for Turbopump Part 2:

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Born Ilford, London, the last V2 missile attack on England missing him by 25 miles and 14 years. Read philosophy for nearly a decade - and so naturally pursued a career in astronomy optics and engineering design. Career highpoints: co-inventor of the LRGB imaging method now in use by serious amateur and professional astronomers worldwide. Responsible for the design of a host of devices used in the field of telescopic astronomy. And once ate nine pancakes without passing out. Spends too much time in shadowy corners fiddling with old missile parts to be socially acceptable, but was once described as a geek's idea of a geek. [email protected]