Dissecting a V2 rocket steam pot

Screenshot showing 3D model of V2's steam generator

A rocket engine hidden inside the V2’s rocket engine?

We continue exploring the A4 / V2 rocket in detail, and in this video, we dissect a real steam generator used to drive the missile’s steam-powered turbopumps. The relic was discovered in Germany a few years ago and recovered from a ground excavation in a very rusted condition. We look briefly at some operations to preserve the relic and prepare it as an educational exhibit. The V2 turbopump’s Walter steam drive system was essentially a rocket engine powered by chemically produced super-heated steam. Robert looks at the construction, exploring the history and details of its function along the way.

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Born Ilford, London, the last V2 missile attack on England missing him by 25 miles and 14 years. Read philosophy for nearly a decade - and so naturally pursued a career in astronomy optics and engineering design. Career highpoints: co-inventor of the LRGB imaging method now in use by serious amateur and professional astronomers worldwide. Responsible for the design of a host of devices used in the field of telescopic astronomy. And once ate nine pancakes without passing out. Spends too much time in shadowy corners fiddling with old missile parts to be socially acceptable, but was once described as a geek's idea of a geek. [email protected]