Analysing and transcribing the original 75-year old V2 rocket turbo-pump technical drawings for modern 3D modelling systems. Computer Aided Design (CAD) has a surprisingly long history but the modern 3D CAD we see everywhere today did not take root until the late 90s and start of the millennium. Since IRead on
In our exploration of the historical sites around Peenemünde we often encounter relics that are a mystery to us. If you recognise the item and can tell us anything positive (no guesses please, we have lots of those already!) it will be a big help and you can be sureRead on
The eighteen pot injector head. This is the first image blog from Alexsander Savochkin in what we hope will become an expanding resource for those wishing to find out more about the design and construction of the A4/V2 missile.  The precise 3D CAD model imagery is based exclusively on originalRead on
V2 rocket brass fuel injection inserts
About ten years ago now I was shown a relic, found in the sandy soil of the  Peenemünde woods, that turned out to be part of a simple system for evaluating the fuel injector inserts used in the 25-ton test engines of the A4/V2 missile project. At the time theRead on
With a few notes on the development history of this critically important technology The time boundaries for the development of the fuel injection system of the A4/V2 25-ton thrust engine are simple enough to state;  the process began at the Kummersdorf army proving grounds in September 1937 and the patternRead on