A4 V2 missile turbopump and Walter steam drive
A4-V2 missile technology

V2 Turbopump: video

By steam engine to the stars? An overview of the V2 rocket’s turbopump The idea that one of the most significant inventions to emerge from the second world war was ‘steam-driven’ may strike you as more than a little anachronistic; […]

Aerodynamic fin parts with bearing and top-of-fin counterbalance weight visible on the right
A4 - V2 missile history

Peenemünde: F1 the giant V2 missile factory at Werk Süd

Some images from our field trips exploring the ruins of the Peenemünde Army research complex on Usedom island. This album features images of the ruins of the gigantic Fertigungshalle Eins (F1) V2 missile pre-production factory, and slave labour camp. And also shows the area once enclosed by the equally giant Repair and Maintenance workshops, just 120 meters to the north of F1. The ghost of the V2 rocket can be seen in the plethora of decaying relics that still litter the ground in many of these locations. Please note: some of the areas illustrated here are not open to the public and there is a real danger from unexploded ordinance.  See our information page for details of expert guided tours (in English and German) of these areas.