Childhood photo of Nazi armourer and space age pioneer Wernher von Braun
… and changed the world. This odd snippet of V2 rocket history spotlights a haunting connection between an old 3″ refracting telescope, hidden but in plain view, high up on a wall in the Berlin Technical Museum, and the astonishing career of Wernher von Braun, leading architect of the V2Read on
umbilical cable system
This video is one of a series that looks in some detail at less prominent equipment, in this case the umbilical cable system, aboard the  V2 missile that are often hard to see on complete museum exhibits and are also not well covered by easily accessible literature. Equipment bay testRead on
How a gyroscope guides a rocket
LEV-3 V2 missile gyroscope system with mounting plate. The third component of this system, the Muller gyroscopic accelerometer, is missing – the two slightly raised mounting points can be seen on the right-hand side of the mounting plate. How a gyroscope guides a rocket: Have you ever wondered how thisRead on
Watch our project to restore the relics of a V2 rocket’s Vertikant gyro guidance system, and its power supply components, back to full functionality after over seven decades of uncertain storage conditions. The German A4-V2 rocket was the world’s first long range ballistic missile and space vehicle and it wouldRead on
V2 Rocket History museum relic: this cutaway presentation shows one of the V2’s 18 combined fuel and liquid oxygen (LOX) injector ‘pots’. The LOX injector transit cap is also shown. The pot shown here is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a pre-burner – a mixer or diffuser pot probably describesRead on